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JAB Chivasso – Around the World Collection

Fly around the world with the fabrics by Chivasso. Live your own global lifestyle and choose the interior to match. This collection encompasses a range of styles and looks, enough to inspire the most well travelled and cosmopolitan.

Create a relaxed yet chic atmosphere using whites and very subtle neutrals. Wonderful white was chosen to highlight a timeless collection of design velvets, combining different textures and materials. White reflects the outside light beautifully creating a light and airy look.

This collection includes design velvets in different graphic retro inspired patterns. The velvets each have an abstract retro pattern in a three dimensional look. These fabrics are all about Dots and checks come to life in the deep pile of the sumptuous velvet. Abstract, Vaserely like patterns are combined with plains for a soft look.This clean elegant style is complemented with a subtle retro twist. Mix and match unique and personal accessories with a rich tapestry of different fabrics. Explore different textures by juxtaposing deep velvets and transparant sheers.

Denim is timeless and has become ubiquitous and unmissable in any wardrobe. We found inspiration in this classic, reworking and adapting it for use in a contemporary interior. Real patchwork jeans are combined with denim look fabrics, and richly dyed sheers for a complete look. Indigo is used to give denim its deep shade of blue.  When washed the blue fades creating a unique look to every piece. This deep indigo or washed blue combine beautifully with gold and silver, or metallic accessories.

Experience the moody highlands of mystical Scotland from the comfort of your own living room, with the fabrics in the collection Sutherland. Warm, rich felted wools are dyed in atmospheric colours. Deep tones of blues, greys, and browns were chosen to complement the textured woollen fabrics. Faded and washed patterns are combined with classic tartan checks and plains. This robust collection can be used in classic interiors, but also in modern homes.

Also included in this collection is a range of fabrics especially created for use outdoors. The fabrics are very versatile and extremely easy to care for so can be used on deck or poolside. Bold colours were chosen to highlight the sophisticated and timeless patterns of the fabrics. Patterns include a bold block stripe, delicate houndstooth and a refined check