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JAB Chivasso – Whispers Fabric Collection

Imagine a late spring afternoon. A light breeze tiptoes through the air as the sun filters through the windows, leaving faint shadows on the white washed floor. In the distance someone is listening to soft music as dulcet tones float through the air. The curtains rustle in the breeze and you are transported back to happy memories; there are soft whispers of romance and times gone by.

This is the inspiration for the latest Chivasso collection, Whispers. Fabrics are ethereal; delicate colours were used to emphasize the beautiful rich historical patterns and designs. This collection has many layers including sumptuous velvets, great solids and exquisite prints. The fabrics are complemented a new range of exclusive wallpapers. While the designs of the collection are inspired by antique prints, the use of varied ground materials make the line highly contemporary and completely original.