In addition to carrying prestigious Residential Designer Fabrics lines, we also have our own line of signature fabrics featuring fantastic options for all of your soft furnishing needs. Please contact us to order your memos or sample books.


  The two patterns in the Simply Solids book boast 48 new colours for any room in the home. Pattern Salem is a textured 100% polyester powerhouse for drapery, bedding and upholstery. Sonoma complements the collection as a 100% matte cotton for windows and bedding.


  Create a comfortable atmosphere with Shetland, a 100% polyester with a cozy flannel-feel. In 13 soft colours it is washable, making it ideal for drapery and bedding. Tested at 51,000 double rubs, Shetland makes a hardy choice for upholstery.

LAVISH # 193

  If life is about surrounding yourself in beauty, Lavish can help – the soft metallic hues of the collection give a royal air without an elaborate price-point. From the geometric shapes of Lancaster, Lima and Lisbon to the organic waves of Lexington and Lewiston, the patterns in Lavish offer a variety of styles, stripes and solids.

SASSY # 189

  Bold. Vivid. Fresh. Sassy has it all. This reversible, solid fabric has a smooth, hot sheen on one side with an even, silk-look waiting on the other. Colours range from metallic silver, shitake and vintage to electric coral, lipstick and surf in this collection of 100% polyester, multipurpose fabric.


  For designers looking to create a peaceful space, whether it’s a living, bath or bedroom, the linen-look patterns in the Embroideries Collection offer a light, flowing choice for drapery. Neutral tones and floral designs dominate the collection, with viscose patterns like Maddy and Madge bringing a hint of sheen.


  Natural Selection blends recycled cotton from t-shirts with synthetic fibres to create a strong and eco-friendly product for upholstery, drapery, accessories and headboards. By skipping traditional steps of growing, ginning, spinning and dyeing cotton material, the simplified manufacturing process uses less energy and resources. The production of recycled cotton yarn has many environmental advantages: • consumes less water, energy and chemical products • does not contaminate the subsoil, water or air • recycles textile garments or fabrics which would otherwise become waste in landfills • provides economic benefits to developing countries that have been seriously damaged in recent years due to excessive mass production of cotton • reduces costs of production in comparison with conventional cotton • cuts down carbon footprint

Moxie #182

With twenty four pattern colours including vibrant shades and rich earth tones, Moxie has something for any space. This high-performance Nano-Tex fabric repels liquids and soiling; is easily cleaned with all detergents; and is made up of an environmentally-friendly chemistry that is recyclable and does not include formaldehyde or PFOA.

Brushstroke #183

Sketches, swirls and staggered shapes invite the eye to the new Brushstroke collection. From abstract to realism, each pattern is reminiscent of a famous painter’s style and is just as interesting to present in a home or workspace.

Tribal #184

Each pattern in the Tribal collection is a vision in print, a representation of fantastical illusions in vibrant and neutral colours. Whether it’s Toracle’s celestial elements, Trance’s visit to the cosmos or another pattern from the multi-use collection,, Tribal inspires a room – and might induce daydreams.

Exotic #185

The Exotic collection is an adventure in itself – travelling across the colour spectrum, the 185th book from Tritex boasts meandering lines, organic shapes and even songbirds for drapes and bedding. From the tropics to cooler climates, take a journey with Exotic to spice up a room or tie it together with flora, fauna or fine lines.